Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Acai Bowl

It is times like these that I pity the poor YouTuber. To have to figure out how to say difficult words on camera, like acai, is a real struggle. Poor, poor YouTubers. But thankfully, instead of uploading videos, I share my thoughts in writing, and today’s is about the famous acai bowl.

Healthy food is having quite a moment right now, take Hemsley & Hemsley, Deliciously Ella, or Madeline Shaw for example. My lifestyle is very healthy, I enjoy eating well and it makes me feel great. Flicking through Deliciously Ella’s book this morning, I came across the much talked about acai bowl.

After a few modifications to the recipe, it tasted delicious, more along the lines of a healthy dessert than a smoothie breakfast bowl, but delicious. With it, I added some greek yogurt, granola and chia seeds. The perfect start to a festive weekend :)

My Take On Deliciously Ella’s Acai Bowl Recipe

1 tablespoon acai powder
1 ripe banana
2 Medjool dates
1 tablespoon almond butter
100g frozen mixed berries
4 tablespoon almond milk

Pit the Medjool dates and peel and chop the banana. Put everything in the blender with around half of the almond milk and blend, while slowly adding the rest of the milk. Once it’s the creamy consistency you want, pour in into a bowl. If you want, add yogurt, granola or fresh fruit.

There you go, a delicious and incredibly healthy breakfast bowl. Thank you Deliciously Ella for the inspiration !



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