Tuesday, 19 January 2016

5 Perks Of Winter


I doubt I’m the only person who feels January is going by at a snail’s pace. This month has been so, well...dull. The sky has been dark and grey and represents exactly how I feel most of the time; under the weather. January is such a nothingness month, no excitement of any sort, just the apprehension of going back to school or work. I wake up every morning to a pitch black room despite my curtains being open, wishing light was flooding through my windows. In a nutshell, January is crap.

But, just like the jingle that is more often than not stuck in my head, always look on the bright side of life! To help us endure such harsh times (am I being dramatic?), I’ve put together a list of 5 perks of winter, almost like pick-me-ups, that I hope will help you get by your treacherous winters day.

1. Endless cups of tea
If you’re an avid tea drinker, you’ll know that in winter there is no such thing as going a little overboard on the amount of tea you consume in a day. It’s cold outside, it’s cold inside, and my heart and hands need warming up. I love almost every tea that exists, and there’s nothing more satisfying in winter than wrapping my hands around a steaming cuppa and sipping delightfully as I savour every drop of delicious warmth.

2. Guilt-Free binge watching
Only people with superpowers have the ability to get work done when they don’t want to. I, unfortunately, do not have those particular superpowers, and find myself binge watching Netflix or YouTube all the time. But, hey, I don’t care, and nor should you! Like I’ve already said, it’s cold outside and work can wait. According to the unwritten rules of January, you’re supposed to spend your time cheering yourself up with a good ol’ episode of Friends. *Hint: Binging is best paired with that cup of tea you’ve just made.

3. Post-Christmas sales shopping
Going out to the shops to rummage through the sales racks in a necessity in January. Plus, the deals are incredible, so it’s just more of a reason than normal to crack out the bills and spend, spend, spend. And, since you’ve received all that money at Christmas, you might as well spend it while you can still get a good deal! At any time of year I love to shop until I drop, but it’s especially enjoyable with a 50% off stuck to the tag of that jumper I’ve coveted for months.

4. You-Time is abundant
As I mentioned in my previous post, January leaves a lot of time to self-care and you-time. This means lots of baths, pamper time and time to relax and de-stress. Run a soothing bubble bath and pop on a face mask to feel clean, alive and very well pampered. This can take as long as you want, or equally, just as short. Light a few candles and relax; you’ve got nowhere to be and nothing to do. This time is for you.

5. Being cozy is a priority
And I repeat: being cozy is a priority. I walk around the house in a pair of fuzzy socks and the fluffiest pair of pyjamas I own all the time - no shame! I love snuggling up with a blanket and getting lost in a brilliant book, or sitting by the fire and letting the warmth radiate off of my face. There’s no reason to leave to house and brace the cold, so why do it?

Hope you enjoyed! What makes January more bearable for you?

Niamh x


  1. Hi! After following your blog for a while I was wondering whether you'd be interested in this post http://www.jayasblog.com/2016/01/win-beauty-bay-gift-card.html where I'm giving away a gift card for Beauty Bay :) x

    1. Hi Jaya, I'd be happy to have a look! Thank you for following, it means a lot. Niamh xx

  2. This was great! All of the reasons above are kind of why I do like Winter! I must remember that when I'm freezing and its dark at 5pm :-)


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's always better to look on the bright side of things (especially when, like you said, it gets dark at 5pm!) Niamh x

  3. Binge watching describes my January perfectly haha! I've been watching How I met your mother non stop, oops. And the post-Christmas sales are always something I'm excited about!

    You've got a great blog! Followed on Bloglovin' :)


    1. Thank you so much Saara! I've really been enjoying Jane the Virgin (imagine romatic comedy in TV show form), and of course shopping is a necessity. Really happy you like the blog! Niamh xx

  4. This has been my whole winter in a nutshell. I loved this post & your writing.

    Kate from kateboheme.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Kate! You've got a lovely blog too xx


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