Saturday, 23 January 2016

My MAC Neutral Eyes Collection


Although I rarely wear makeup, when I do it is very neutral and minimal. I love warm, neutral eye shadows that brighten or soften my eyelids, or creating some definition in my eyebrows and lashes with a pencil or mascara. One of my favourite brands for this is MAC, a makeup favourite among probably every single beauty fanatic out there.

Quite recently I popped unexpectedly into my local MAC, knowing I was looking for a neutral, perhaps brown, eye shadow. The lady at the counter was extremely helpful - although she introduced me to some very tempting products that held quite a pricey tag. But, knowing me, I would have had major buyer’s guilt had I not bought, well, all of it. So I did. It was quite a small haul (small products-wise, not price-wise!!), and instead of such a small haul I thought I would share with you all my entire MAC collection of neutral eyes, from eyelids to lashes to brows to brushes.

I own one MAC mascara that I have mentioned before (check here); the Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash in Charged Black. This is a lovely mascara that adds volume and curl. It separates the lashes nicely and clings onto each lash individually for a fluttery, butterfly-lash look. I’m never a wearer of clumping mascaras, so this one hit the jackpot for me.

This next brow pencil was part of my mini MAC haul last week. The lady in the shop showed me my shade and as soon as it was applied my jaw dropped. This is MAC’s Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering; a very light brown. My eyebrows are very blonde, and this colour is a perfect match for both my eyebrows and my hair colour. I have yet to review this as I have only got this very recently, but if first impressions are anything to go by then this is a winner in my books!

Eye Shadows & Kohl Liner
Of my entire MAC eyes collection, I own the most eyeshadows. My first ever eye shadow from MAC was Grain; a golden beige with a slight icy shimmer. I find this a beautiful shade to sweep over the eyelids for a natural, brightening shimmer to waken the eyes, perfect for a minimal makeup day. Another one of my recent purchases is MAC’s Enchanted Eve Eyes palette in Warm. This includes 6 warm, neutral shades. Seasonal Spirit is a warm, yellow tan; Moodmaker is a rich, oak brown; Sax Appeal, a soft taupe brown; Bewitchin’ is a warm chestnut brown; Charcoal Brown is a mute taupe brown, and finally; Retrospeck, a beached blonde. There is something for everyone in this palette, both matte, satin and shimmer shadows. Next up is my Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown. This is a beautiful liner; a brown with a bronze metallic edge. I love to wear this on its own or paired with a mascara for a minimal but put-together look with an edge.

Eye Brushes
My final category is eye brushes. I have a very minimal MAC brush collection; simply two brushes to be exact. My first brush, MAC’s 239 Eye Shader Brush, is a basic brush for sweeping shadow onto the lids. It is incredibly soft and picks up product beautifully. It really is versatile, it doesn’t do a half bad job of blending and shading and you can easily build product onto the lid. It has a tapered, rounded edge which is precise to apply with. My second brush is so new I haven’t even tried it out yet; my MAC 217 Blending Brush. I bought this alongside my MAC palette recently, by recommendation of the lady at the counter. It has an oval shape and densely packed fibres; perfect for blending into the crease. It’s also super soft, as I assume all MAC brushes are. Hopefully I’ll be back with more to say about this one, but first impressions were a success!

What are your favourite MAC eye products? Recommend them to me!

Niamh x

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