Saturday, 9 January 2016

20 Weekends Away In Europe

I love to travel. I’ve visited and lived in so many amazing places in my life; Costa Rica, South Africa, Thailand, the list goes on. Despite having visited all these incredible places that are far away from my little home in Europe, I tend to find that my favourite places to go are nearby. This is why I love Europe - and especially Belgium - because I can literally hop on a train and go to London, Amsterdam, anywhere close, and stay for 2 nights for the weekend.

So, I’ve put together a challenge for you. This year, my goal is to visit all of these 20 places, some for the first time and some I’ve visited many times before. I hope you bring on the challenge and do it with me. Here’s a list of 20 places I believe you’ve got to visit if you live in Europe or are visiting it for the first time.

1. Amsterdam - Netherlands
2. London - Great Britain
3. Paris - France
4. Madrid - Spain
5. Rome - Italy
6. Dublin - Ireland
7. Venice - Italy
8. Edinburgh - Scotland
9. Prague - Czech Republic
10. Athens - Greece
11. Istanbul - Turkey
12. Barcelona - Spain
13. Berlin - Germany
14. Lisbon - Portugal
15. Vienna - Italy
16. Zurich - Switzerland
17. Stockholm - Sweden
18. Budapest - Hungary
19. Cologne - Germany
20. Brussels - Belgium

Have you visited any of these cities before? Is it part of your New Year’s Resolutions to travel?

Niamh x

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