Sunday, 31 January 2016

January Love List


Welcome to the first love list of 2016 ! Can I be the first to say thank goodness January has come to a close? This past month has been so drawn out and I am so glad to say that we are already onto chapter 2 of 2016: February! To end this month on a good note, today’s post is my monthly love list. I’ve been loving quite a few of things this month and am very excited to share them with you. Without further rambling, enjoy!

Favourite food?
Sunshine muffins have definitely been at the top of my most-eaten list this past month (not that I make lists like that - that would be weird). These are very healthy, very yummy muffins that are perfect for on-the-go breakfasts or boosts of energy throughout the day. You can find any recipe that suits you online, but mine are gluten, dairy and sugar free. One of my favourite guilt-free snacks!

Favourite film/programme?
I started a series early this month with a friend and was hooked from the very beginning; Jane the Virgin! The plot is brilliantly thought out and the connections that link all the characters together are honestly mind-boggling, and plus, Gina Rodriguez is brilliant. This show has the perfect mix of romance, comedy (laugh out loud stuff) and even a bit of mystery, perfect for someone who loves a good ol’ chick flick. It’s like watching a never ending girls night in film, because there’s always another episode ready on Netflix! I seriously, seriously, recommend it for anyone who has a soft spot for romance (or gorgeous actors…).

Favourite item of clothing?
Early on this month I was browsing the sales aisle of Zadig & Voltaire, a gorgeous (and very expensive) brand. I have to say that it was very dangerous stuff - break the bank dangerous - despite the impressive deals they had to offer. The item I have bravely invested in, using every penny of my Christmas money, is a beautiful grey, black and red cashmere jumper. The neckline and cuffs are a bright red and the wide horizontal stripes are grey and black. Sorry to tempt you all - I’m pretty sure it’s gone with the sales! This is perfect for winter as it’s incredibly cozy and very stylish, if I say so myself.

Favourite moment?
Midway through this month was the birthday of one of my very close friends. With the help of her sister and a few friends, we organized a surprise birthday dinner for her. We all arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes before she did, and I am so relieved to say she didn’t suspect a thing! It was brilliant fun - who doesn’t love a surprise party? We chatted and laughed and had an amazing time. If you’ve got a friends birthday coming up and want to do something special, this is the way to do it.

Favourite beauty/skincare products?
Winter hits me hard, especially January, so I needed a product that could brighten my very purple, very dark under eye bags on early mornings. Broke after buying that gorgeous jumper, I was left to rummage through my mum’s belongings and snatched up a classic brightener/concealer (or just brightening concealer?); Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat in shade 02, Ivory Radiance. This is perfect for defeating saggy, tired eyes in the morning and is great at masking any signs of lack of sleep. Check out how I used it here.

Favourite song?
I discovered a new single this month that I actually find really catchy. You may or may not have heard of Izzy Bizu, but her single White Tiger has been playing nonstop in my head since I saw her one day on TV. Her actual album isn’t out until around June I’m pretty sure, but I’m a fan of this single and am looking forward as to what’s next.

Favourite way to spend my time?
I’m almost ashamed to say that I have spent nearly every second of my free time binge watching Jane the Virgin. Can you tell I love it? For all the reasons above, I love to sit down and can easily watch four episodes in a row. No shame!

Favourite drink?
No surprise here; my favourite drink this month was, of course, tea, or more specifically; Pukka Refresh. I am a huge fan of Pukka tea, and this flavour was new to my (very large and growing) collection. This has notes of organic peppermint leaf, sweet fennel seed and rose; perfect to feel calm, renewed and refreshed.

Random favourite?
My random favourite this month is actually a perfume. This is the Burberry Body Eau de Toilette, a Christmas present that I was overjoyed to receive to say the least. This is a lovely day-to-day fragrance that includes fruity and floral notes and warm base notes. See the website for a full description - I’m crap at those - but trust me when I say it’s gorgeous and one to get your hands on!

What have you been loving this month - and aren’t you glad January is behind us?!

Niamh x

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