Friday, 8 January 2016

The Nail Power Trio

I have never been good with my nails….ever. I used to be a chronic nail biter (thank God I grew out of that), but all my attempts at painting my nails a gorgeous, seasonal colour fail miserably. Every. Single. Time. My main problem is that since I’m right handed and can’t control my left hand at all, when I try to paint my right nails with my left hand, nail polish ends up around my finger instead of on the nail...

If you are like me and cannot paint your nails to save your life, then I have found the answer to all your prayers! Recently, in Madrid airport, I picked up an OPI 3-step Infinite Shine kit. In a two-pack, I bought step 1 & 3; the base coat and top coat, and picked up the colour (step 2) separately. I bought the nudey pink you see in the picture, a grey and dark red (very sorry - don’t know the names!!).

I sat down with my three nail polishes and got stuck in. And, prepare yourself….I did it! (OK fine, I had to clean up my cuticles a little with an ear swab, but it was a 95% success). I started with a very thin coat of the primer, just like the instructions say. Tip: this means thin, not goopy but thin enough because I can’t be bothered (I learnt the hard way). Wait two minutes, then move on to your lacquer, of which you need 2 thin coats, waiting 2 minutes in between each. This bit can be quite messy if you’re anything like myself, so always have ear swabs and remover at the ready! Finally, apply the gloss in a thin coat. The best bit? It dries like a dream! Within 5 minutes I was picking things up and holding things without smudging my newly painted nails.

Now, almost a week on, not a chip anywhere. This stuff works a treat and has solved my disgusting nail problem. And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just love the trio a ton! Have a look through OPI’s colour selection here.

Do you struggle with your nails or go to a nail salon ?

Niamh x


  1. Ive never tried OPI before but the way you explained it makes it sound like a dream. Im more of a paint my own nails type of gal even if I have to clean up a bit.

    xx Noshka

    1. I've used other brands before but found that OPI works best for painting my own nails - hope I've inspired you to try it out! Thanks for reading Noshka xx


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