Sunday, 13 December 2015

My 5 Favourite Blogs

It’s that time of year when, at least in Brussels, my Sunday afternoons are dull and rainy. As much as I try keep my festive spirits up (queue hot chocolate and Christmas movies), sometimes I get a bit bored watching the same films again and again (and again and again). My solution: blogs! I love reading blogs, it’s right up there with my favourite past times.

For today’s post, I’ll be sharing my 5 favourite blogs. You can find me here and see what I’ve been loving blog-wise lately, but I thought I’d put together a list of blogs rather than posts that I love to scroll through endlessly. In no particular order…

1. The Sunday Girl was the first blog I ever properly got into, and for good reason. It’s a lovely British beauty blog that features reviews, dupes, gift guides - the works! Perfect to gather beauty inspiration and to read when you feel like perking yourself up with some online shopping. A lovely, honest voice that covers ever beauty topic imaginable.

2. Kate La Vie is definitely up there with my top three. This blog features everything from interiors to beauty to fashion to photography - there isn’t a lifestyle category it doesn’t cover! The gift guides on this blog are probably the best I’ve found, and the photos are so gorgeous they make me hate my own… it even has some tips for the ammateur blogger (perfect for me) Definitely a lifestyle blog to check out, it’s right up my street.

3. Thirteen Thoughts is one of my newer blog discoveries, and much like Kate La Vie, features a wide range of lifestyle-blogger content. This is the blog I go to for a pick me up post or inspiration. Also, a whole section for blogging and photography basically has my name written all over it - obsessed! It has a bit of everything and definitely something for everyone.

4. From Roses, another British lifestyle and beauty blog, is another recent discovery. This blog caught my eye the moment I saw it’s photos; the epitome of beauty. Beautiful photography plus original posts equals blog goals. No. Joke. There is a wide range of posts, ranging from beauty reviews and routines to pick me ups and simple how to’s. Lovely to scroll through on rainy days.

5. In The Frow was originally introduced to me as a YouTuber, but I was even more excited to hear the founder Victoria also has a blog! Firstly, the aesthetic of this blog is great, very user friendly and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Here, there is a wide range of content, lots of fashion (lookbooks, etc.), beauty (tutorials…), advice and travel. Do check out her YouTube channel as well!

I hope I’m not the only one who scrolls through years worth of content within an hour! I love reading blogs even more than writing on my own. Go ahead and check out my top 5 blogs - they won’t disappoint, I promise!


Niamh x


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  2. Aww you are so sweet! Thanks so much for including Thirteen Thoughts on this list! It means the world to me!! <3

    Thirteen Thoughts

    1. My pleasure - Thirteen Thoughts is brilliant, you should be proud xx


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