Tuesday, 15 December 2015

5 Things To Do This Christmas

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Welcome to my version of Christmas; what to do this winter to feel even more festive! Because this festive season lasts so long (but seems to go by so quickly…), sometimes things can get a bit repetitive and you find yourself sitting on your sofa wondering what on earth you could do. Well, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together a list of 5 festive, fun things to do this winter break. I love to do all of these things, whether with a couple close friends of even by myself (no shame - we all do it!). Let’s get Christmassy !

1. Visit a Christmas market
It doesn’t get more festive than this; Christmas themed shopping in the snow (erm… or in the rain in my case), holding steamy hot chocolates while browsing the stands. I used to live in Germany, and I know from experience that they have the best Christmas markets. Where I used to live, a Father Christmas used to travel over the shoppers heads in his sleigh (on wires overhead - obviously) and say Fröhliche Weihnachten. Such a brilliant experience, and I love German tree decorations, which you can see are pictured above. If you ever have a weekend free, catch a train to Cologne, Dusseldorf, or Hamburg, they are beautiful. Of course, you can just as simply wander through the stalls of a market near you, anything works, and all of them are so festive!

2. Go ice skating
Ah, ice skating, I do love it. Although, I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest figure skater in the world, but there is something so wintry about whizzing round with your friends, attempting cool tricks without falling on your bum. Or going out to sip on hot chocolate and let your feet warm up as you watch the actual figure skaters, wide eyed with disbelief (how do they spin so fast?!). Some ice rinks set up Christmas trees and most string fairy lights every. Tip: if you’re renting ice skates, wear thick socks!

3. Bake Christmas cookies
Probably an obvious festive activity, Christmas cookie baking is so fun. One year, I got together with lots of friends and we made a right mess of the kitchen. The place was covered in red and green sprinkles and white icing from our attempts at drawing snowmen. It’s tons of fun, even if you take the shortcut and buy a mix that you can stick in the oven so you can skip straight to decorating. Some ideas can include snowmen, Christmas trees (my favourite), Santas, gingerbread men or snowflakes.

4. A festive movie marathon
I love getting together when friends, be it one or loads, to sprawl on the sofa with a cuppa and watch some movies. At this time it’s a perfect way to spend long, dull days when the rain won’t stop. Make sure you have an unlimited supply of hot chocolate or tea, and eat some Christmas cookies. My all time favourite Christmas movies are Home Alone, Elf and Arthur Christmas. I love a feel good film, especially around this time of year. Just watch movie after movie and have a laugh with your friends.

5. Tree decorating
Or any decorating! Many of you will have already set up your Christmas tree (or trees, depending on how Christmassy you’re feeling), so this might be coming a bit late, but there is always more decorating to do. Put up fairy lights while blasting Michael Buble’s Christmas album, light your festive candles, wrap presents and put them under the tree, anything that makes your house glow with Christmas spirit. A happy house makes happy people!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my must do’s this Christmas and have inspired you as to how to spend your December evenings. Only 9 days left til Christmas !


Niamh x


  1. Love your tips on having fun this holiday season! :)


    1. Thanks ! Hope you enjoyed a fun festive season xx


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