Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Bitesize Beauty - Holy Grail Products

Holy grail beauty. I often see posts like these and have thought often of what products I would pick as my essentials. After a little deliberation, and a while of wanting to recreate one for myself, I have finally put together a collection of 4 products that I love and adore.

My ‘style’, I suppose, regarding beauty is very au naturel. I like a no-makeup makeup look, and so my list is very minimalist. I rarely concealer and have never tried foundation in my life, so if you’re looking for some life changing product along those lines, you will unfortunately not find one here.

Shall we begin?

1. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow
This product is the bee’s knees (and yes, I just used that expression). If you’ve seen my November Love List, you’ll know that I adore this product. It is a warm tone that doesn’t look orangey at all. I don’t contour - nor do I know how - so I lightly dust this on and it leaves my skin with a natural looking sun kissed glow. There are some sparkles in it, which usually would not not appeal to me, but you can barely notice it. Brilliant, and the one product I always reach for in the morning. Find it here.

2. Dior Lip Glow
A product similar to a tinted lip balm, this beautiful balm adjusts its colour to what suits you best. Also mentioned in last month’s love list, it is one to remember. It isn’t sticky, it hydrates your lips and is basically gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Find it here.

3. Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara
I have tried multiple Benefit mascaras, including BagGal Lash and They’re Real!, but this has to be my favourite. My eyelashes are naturally curled and quite long, and although I usually don’t want the whole volume-length shebang, I was smitten with Roller Lash. It has a curved applicator so is very easy to put on and stays for the longest amount of time. When it says ‘super curling’, it means super curling! Like many bloggers out there, I think it’s a keeper. Find it here.

4. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown
Like I said, I’m not one for over the top anything - eyes included. But this liner, this liner, is gorgeous. I haven’t tried a black eye pencil before, and I doubt I will anytime soon. Bountiful Brown is a shimmery, bronzey brown that looks gorgeous, and it lasts forever. And according to it’s description online, waterproof as well! Find it here.

Done and dusted, my four holy grail beauty products that deserve a place in my minimalist makeup bag. Most of these aren’t drugstore; I rarely buy makeup for myself but rather receive them as gifts. All of the mentioned products will make great gifts for a newcomer in the beauty world (ie. someone like me!!). I hope you enjoyed this and found my top picks worthy of their place on this list.


Niamh x

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