Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Love List

Can you believe that December is upon us? I know I have been repeating myself time after time, but I can remember New Year’s Eve in 2014 like it was yesterday. Yet, here we are, on the brink of 2016 and, of course, CHRISTMAS (only 23 days to go!).

I have been loving - and obsessing over - lots of things this month. I’ve put together a Love List, similar to a monthly favourites but for more general categories. Let us begin…

Favourite food?
I’ve been cursed with a sweet tooth this month and have reached for Côte d’Or’s orange 70% dark chocolate countless times. Amazing and so hard to put down once you’ve taken a square.

Favourite film/programme?
Every single week I wait for a new episode of BBC One’s Apprentice. As much as I despise Lord Sugar and his gang of sidekicks, it is addicting. Catch it on BBC One every Wednesday at 10:00pm Belgian time (that’s 9:00pm for you in the UK). It’s basically about a group of entrepreneurs who endure pointless challenges in pursuit of becoming Lord Sugar’s business partner (and I know, what a ridiculous name!).

Favourite item of clothing?
Although I have been obsessing over many things this month (beanies being one of them), I cannot stop wearing this America Today cardigan. It falls just below my bum and has slightly long sleeves, it’s so warm and cozy to wear over anything and everything!

Favourite moment?
Beating a three year undefeated team at my volleyball tournament, by far. I have never been so excited in a volleyball match in my life, and even though my team came 3rd, our winning moment was definitely that victory. So proud of us :)

Favourite beauty/skincare products?
I tend to get very pale at this time of year, which doesn’t bode well with my coziest (yet inconveniently colour-draining) jumpers - I’m so white I look like a zombie! Every morning I’ve been dusting my face with Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer (in Sun Glow). It gives a gorgeous, sun kissed finish that I love. There are some hints of sparkle, but nothing that couldn’t be mistaken for a healthy glow. On top of that, Dior’s Lip Glow. It is a gorgeous pinky balm that is surprisingly hydrating and looks beautiful. Won me over!

Favourite song?
This is a hard one, I have to admit. I’ve been listening to my Christmas playlist on replay, but all those songs are throwbacks. But, because I’m a mainstream girl, it has to be Adele’s Hello. Such a brilliant voice, and so many funny memes… what more is there to say?

Favourite way to spend my time?
This one is easy: reading blogs and writing my own! This month was the birth of Little but Fierce and I love writing on it, even if my only audience is my mum! I have been obsessed with reading blogs, there is something so cozy about evenings curled up on the sofa with a cuppa at hand scrolling through blogs. Right now, I’m loving Kate La Vie, Jasmine Talks Beauty and Thirteen Thoughts. Have a look at them!

Favourite drink?
I do love a cup of tea, and seeing as it’s winter, Lipton’s Moroccan Mint tea has to be my winner. It tastes like Christmas in a cup, minty yet cinnamony. Amazing and definitely worth a try if you like chai tea or mint tea.

Random favourite?
November’s random favourite goes to the Calm app, which I talked about in my post on Facing Your Fears. It’s a meditation app that allows you to listen to tranquil sounds in guided meditation sessions, like rainfall or birds. If I’m feeling stress or anxiety, this is what I use - I promise it works a treat!

Tah-dah! November’s Love List complete, and not another one coming until the end of December. Speaking of which, IT’S ALREADY DECEMBER! I will repeat those words until it seems real. CHRISTMAS !!!

Have a lovely, festive evening,

Niamh x


  1. Did you take that picture. It looks so professional!!!! Like KateLaVie's pictures.

    1. Elias, hello ! Yes, all the photos are mine. Glad you think I'm a pro :) x


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