Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gift Guide: Small Somethings

As Christmas is getting closer and closer, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and share with you all a little gift guide; small somethings for everyone. I’ve included books, beauty, and pamper bits and pieces, so no matter what type of girl you’re buying for, you’ll find something perfect to put under the Christmas tree...

First off, the beauty guru. I’ve picked out a small Benefit kit that I found was a great gift (after receiving it once). Benefit do some lovely Christmas sets, but this, called Do The Hoola, one is perfect for someone who prefers sun over snow. It includes a mini Benebalm, a mini lip gloss in Hoola, a mini They’re Real! mascara, a mini Hoola bronzer and a mini Dew The Hoola liquid bronzer. It even comes with a large mirror and tips and tricks on how to use it all. I’ve included an Essie nail polish in Sole Mate, perfect as a stocking filler.

Also, for the pamperer, anything from Lush makes a perfect prezzie. They do gorgeous sets filled with bath bombs, face masks, the works, but even a single product from them is a lovely gift to receive. On top of that, I recommend something from Zoella or Tanya Burr’s beauty range for the younger girls. I’m a sucker for the packaging!

For the planner and the bookie, much like myself, a dinky little book is always a winner. For example, something like 14,000 thing to be happy about, a cute little pick-me-up flick through of a book, packed with thousands of lovely messages. A 2016 planner is perfect, especially as we’re on the brink of a new year. Fox and Star do lovely planners and desk pads for someone who always stays organized (ie. moi).

We all know that one person who just loves to cozy up, either watching a movie, reading a book or simply going off for a snooze. I’ve gathered a couple items to satisfy their cozy needs. First of all, I found these gorgeous eye sleeping masks from Hunkemoller that are soft and fluffy and have a cute face on them. Also, I find collecting a couple items into a mug is such a cute, personalized gift idea. Perfect for this type of person too, because tea and hot chocolate just screams cozy to me. Inside, you could stuff some fuzzy socks, maybe some tea bags, and create your very own ‘cozy kit’.

I hope you enjoyed my small somethings gift guide and it inspired you! A small tip: chocolate goes down well with everyone, so be sure to throw in some Celebrations, Quality Streets, or Cadbury selection boxes under the tree!


Niamh x

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