Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Last Gust of Autumn


Hello !

Hope you’re all doing great. Grab a cuppa - it’s a chatty one.

Today I sat down and had a bit of a music video moment watching the rain pound against the window. Why ? I was mournfully staring at the bare-branched trees in my garden and wondering how quickly the leaves went from red, orange and yellow to falling off the trees like rain.

Then it hit me. Autumn is long gone (many apologies for the dramatic build-up...and let down), and winter is upon us !

But to me, although I adore Christmas and on the first weekend of November was sat watching Elf, I can’t help but miss the sun at 6:00pm and the colourful trees in the forest. I’m gutted to say this, but it won’t be happening again ‘til next year.

Maybe summer and winter aren’t Belgium’s forté, but autumn is pretty darn beautiful. Ready for my inner poet? Gorgeous trees, light filtered forest floors, sunny mornings and cozy evenings, barely a drop of rain touched my coat. I think we can agree, although Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, autumn is definitely up there with my favourite seasons.

On a happier note (because that was bloody depressing), we have lots of things to look forward to with excitement and to look back on with high spirits.

First of all, as of today, there are 29 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Praise the lord! Let the angels sing! This means the movie magic of tree decorating and pressie wrapping and all that excitement (minus the snow, duh). But even better news, I’m off to the sun for Christmas this year! Ah yes, Costa Rica, here I come !

Last but not least, and a bit random too, have you seen the Belgians’ response to the police asking them not to upload photos of raids? Only Belgians could pull of this ironic cat humour at a time like this. Nothing like good ol’ Buzzfeed to make your day.

Have a lovely, cozy, winter kick off,

Niamh x

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