Thursday, 26 November 2015

A Note On Skincare

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Hello again !

I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I’ve decided that this is a productive way to procrastinate. I have tons of work waiting to be completed, but that’ll have to wait...

Today, a small note on skincare. I have very clear skin, and I say that truthfully - I’m not a boaster. I rarely get spots (maybe that’s because I have extremely dry skin, not oily) and seldom skip my skincare routine. People often ask me how I got so lucky, and although it’s partly down to genes, a lot of it certainly isn’t luck. Just a heads up, though, I am no expert. All of my knowledge (bit of an overstatement?) is simply down to my own experience.

My first and foremost tip to achieving a near perfect face without layers of foundation is to drink lots of water. A dehydrated face is not a happy one. Keep drinking water and your face with not dry up. Always drink at least 2 litres of water a day and your face will glow.

Secondly, eat healthy. Too much sugar and bad fats will not help your face clear up. I went through a stage last summer where I could not control my sweet tooth, and unsurprisingly broke out around my nose. Feed your body good food and it will repay you with happy skin. Have a look at Deliciously Ella for some recipe inspiration. Or simply lay off the sweets and biscuits !

My last tip may or may not help you - depending on whether you’ve found a reliable product or not. Create a skincare routine using products that do your skin good. Personally, a visit to the dermatologist did me the world of good. I have very sensitive, dry skin, and was recommended to dermatologist approved moisturizers and cleansers that I purchased from the pharmacy. Never use something because you like the packaging (I’m a sucker for it) or because your friend loved it. Find out your skin type and go from there. I use Bioderma and A-Derma products and love them.

Voilà, a simple 3 step guide to improving your skin. Hope this helps, I promise it did for me !


Niamh x

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