Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Facing the Internet

Hello, world !

I'm Niamh, an English/Irish travel and lifestyle enthusiast living in the gorgeous city of Brussels, Belgium. And, as you can probably gather from the title of this post, I am officially facing the internet.

Yes, this is merely a blog, and a free one at that. But I have contemplated for a while now getting one of my own. I often see those brilliantly designed lifestyle blogs - you know what I'm talking about - ones with HD photos and professional logos and branding, plus the whole social media shebang (though if one day I'm dedicated enough I might just go there), which can be off putting, especially for those who opt for the free platform (ie. ME!), whose only template options consist of font size and colour.

But I have broken down that mind barrier and voila - Little but Fierce was born, a name derived from Shakespeare's quote: " Though she be but little, she is fierce "

More on my geeky side later - on to the good stuff ! What can you expect from this blog ?

If I'm entirely honest - and I will be, seeing as that's the purpose of this - then I've got to say I'm not entirely sure. Maybe the odd lifestyle post, a monthly favourite or lovelist (more on that when it happens...) and perhaps a good old pick me up ramble. Hopefully something you'll look forward to reading !

The point is, I'll do what I want here because it makes me happy. Nothing more, nothing less. This is my very own corner of the internet to tell you all the things that make me smile and if I'm not smiling, how to change that.

And there you have it, the wordy intro to this blog that I will be embarrassed to read in a few years time - if it lasts that long of course !


Niamh x

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