Sunday, 21 February 2016

Productive, Fun Ways To Spend Free Time


Long time, no see! Hope you’re all doing great. Today’s post is something that I would find very useful myself, because as much as I like to learn new things, I often waste time. I don’t know whether it’s my tendency to procrastinate or I actually don’t have anything to get done, but I often find myself with lots of free time on my hands. I sometimes feel really bored, and as if on autopilot, I will tend to head straight for the TV. Even though I do sit down and turn on the telly, I know I don’t really want to watch crap TV when I could be doing something productive. However, being productive can often have a connotation with work, and by work I mean school work. Never fear! Today I’ll be giving you some ideas as to how to spend your free time productively, but while having fun, too! So, here’s a list of 20 things that you can get up to whenever you have a moment or two to spare. Enjoy!

1. Bake/cook something new

2. Learn a new skill (ie. sewing)

3. Meditate

4. De-clutter a space (ie. bedside table)

5. Learn a language (try Duolingo)

6. Workout (see here)

7. Organize your desk

8. Try a new makeup technique

9. Catch up with a friend

10. Plan a weekend away

11. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read

12. Sort old clothes into a charity box

13. Clean out your inbox

14. Write a blog post

15. Journal

16. Go for a walk

17. Plan ahead (organize your upcoming week)

18. Plant some flowers

19. Switch up your room layout

20. Become an expert on something new

I have to admit, although I have done many of these things most are still on my to-do list (ironic, isn’t it?). Before I head off - to hopefully do something productive - I just want to apologise for being absent on the blog recently. But, next week is a new week so I’ll see you soon with some more exciting posts!

How do you like to spend your free time?

Niamh x


  1. I switch up my room layout all the time Lool, good list!

    1. Me too, it's a great (and free) way to breathe some life into an old room. Thank you !! xx


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